Replicating Art Advantages

05/03/2011 13:56

With the emergence of the new technologies now things can be copied, like in the old days, when there were no printing presses, the books were also a piece of an ART, they had to be reprinted and printed, but all had to be dine again and again by writing all of them. So it really was a difficult task, but with the advancement of the technology things have changed, now there are printing presses, that can replicate the original written book thousands of times with ease. These days those copies are sold with much less price as they were back in those days.

Copies of our work today are sold at a much cheaper price, this also allows us to sell our artwork as much as we want. This also is a good way for making money for the artists, the money that the people get by selling their copies goes directly into their account.

But it also has its down side...  some artist like to produce the art work and sell it very expensive, no matter how many copies they produce, one they get famous among the crowd, they then sell for more money.

Same case is with the art replicas, the need of replicating is that you know, that is why people who are rich and want luxury like to have the ancient old relics ion their homes, as their taste, well, they cannot buy the original but they can buy the replicas that look like the original ones.

So now you understand d the need of replicating the art and its advantages, the advantage to the artist is that he can make money, a lot of money with just a single artwork that he has produced, because it is distributed in numbers all over the country or the world. The other benefit is for the crowd, for the people who like art, they can have the same original piece, in replicated for in their homes.

Well, that are the benefits of the ART replication, if you are an artist or an admirer of some art, then if you are not able to buy the original one, you sure can buy the replicated art,. It is 00% the same, but it is not the original made by the artist.